Do you need support in the course of
planning, developing or releasing game products?

Game Planning & Development

  • Would like to know the market size, player's acceptance, and analysis of competitor
  • Would like to find potential players for the game, and ask some questions
  • Do not want to spend much budget or time, but would like to get feedback with fast turnaround and cost-efficient
  • Would like to show several designs (still / video) to players and receive raw feedback

Game Scenario Tuning

  • Need to receive feedback from gamers in regards to several game scenarios


  • Would like the players to download the game app and participate in an interview while playing the game live
  • Draft game content for testing, must be stored and secured in the highest security environment

Pre-launch Closed Beta Test (CBT)

  • Would like to gather potential targeted audience to play the final prototype of the game in a closed beta testing environment
  • Would like to utilize community platform to participate in an interview with the CBT users

Game Release & Management

  • Need localization support when entering overseas market
  • Would like to measure advertisement or campaign efficiency
  • Would like to recruit players to play the game, and answer pre & post questionnaires and interviews

Some of our clients:


PlaytestCloud is a one-stop solution for playtesting mobile games during prototyping, development, soft launch, and after release. An APP test service to help grow your research knowledge of your new APP. You can set up your playtest, choose the kind of players you want and watch the players play your game! 

GMO Research & AI with the help of PlaytestCloud can support all types of tests from Single session (First Time User Experience), Concept tests, Competitor tests to Longitudinal (one-time single or multiple sessions over the span of a few days) and Multi-session (multiple single sessions with integrated breaks between sessions) studies.

There are five checkpoints when we carry out Longitudinal & Multi-session studies which can add value to your user research goals.

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Basic Attributes






Players who play 5+ days a week


Smartphone Gamers
Desktop Gamers
Console Gamers
VR/AR Kit Gamers
6,000+          arvrgamers


Case Studies

Case 1

Quick evaluation of design features

 for a top 10 global sales game company 

There were plans to release new games in Japan, China, Korea, USA, Italy and Saudi Arabia.
The client requested to have local male gamers to quickly evaluate the game’s design style
in the form of a questionnaire.


We proposed Survey Monkey as one of the programming tools which will be able to create a comprehensive questionnaire. The questionnaire was programmed into six languages and distributed to our own Asia Cloud Panel and panel partners. The data was collected from 1,800 samples of 300 people in six countries.

Case 2

Online depth interviews

for a top 100 global sales game company 

As new games are released one after another in Japan, the client desired to recruit smartphone gamers from the relevant categories as fast as we can and conduct online depth interviews.


We built a panel of 140,000 smartphone game players and directly targeted attributes such as game type/ level/ duration of play/ amount paid, and intention to participate in interviews. We were able to recruit directly from our own game panel in the form of questionnaires, and arranged the interviews with 20 gamer participants within five days.

Case 3

Depth online interview

for a top 25 global sales game company 

After successful track record internationally, an Online Game Companion Arrangement Service PC website was planned to be launched in Japan. The client requested to recruit potential users and conduct a single in-depth online interview to evaluate the following:

  • 1) Website UX
  • 2) Game companion service experience (having someone playing games together)
  • 3) General evaluation



Website registration and gameplay experience on participant's PC, and a Zoom interview on the smartphone were set-up. We have recruited users from our own game panel who fit the requirements, and created an interview manual to facilitate their participation and shared it with all participants.

Case 4

Closed Beta Test

for a top 30 global sales game company 

The client was planning to release the world's top selling Simulation Game (SLG) game in Japan but
would like to have a Closed Beta Test (CBT) before the release. They also required support in
recruiting target players.


Recruited 500 respondents for Closed Beta Test (CBT) from a group of 3,000 respondents whom initially participated for a SLG (Simulated Life Game) user questionnaire 2 months ago. We also guided the respondents to Discord (video chat app) so that the client could interact directly with the participants. As a result, the client was able to holistically analyze not only the fact data from the CBT, but also the basic attributes and emotional data such as the play preference obtained in the pre-questionnaire.

Pricing Examples

Quantitative Study

Recruiting 500 average gamers, 30 questions asked (programming of survey, sample recruitment, raw data delivery all included)

USD 1,200

Recruiting Online Respondents

Recruiting 3 average gamers and performing 1 hour of interview (recruiting fee, incentive, programming all included)

USD 730

Online Depth Interview

Recruiting 3 average gamers and performing 1 hour of interview (moderator, interview setting, video recording delivery all included)

USD 1,900