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Our rapid survey service offers a straightforward and agile online survey solution, making it effortless for businesses in APAC to gather timely insights at budget-friendly rates. It empowers you to swiftly make data-driven decisions and capitalise on your business opportunities. Our quick survey offers you the prompt collection of authentic consumer feedback.

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Why our Quick Survey

Easy for All

Have you abandoned survey efforts due to budget or time constraints? Our service is designed to offer an easy, quick, and affordable solution for businesses looking to enhance their daily marketing activities.

Regional Partners

We oversee our survey panellists either independently or through API-connected regional business partners. We maintain an exclusive partnership approach which is cost-efficient, without involving external panel supplier vendors.

Large Network in APAC

With over two decades of experience in the APAC market research industry and extensive regional expertise, we engage with over 60 million real-life consumers, making us the large survey panel network in APAC.

Our Quality

At GMO Research & AI, we meticulously oversee panel quality, data quality, and information security to uphold our exacting standards and ensure the robustness of our online research platform. Our technology-driven quality control measures are in place to detect and eliminate survey fraud, bots, and unsuitable respondents, ensuring the delivery of impartial and representative data.

Easy to Manage

We set ourselves apart from other market research agencies by not mandating the use of proprietary tools for registration. Instead, you can employ no-fuss standard online forms for your surveys, and we will initiate the data collection process.

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How Can This Collaboration Benefit You?

Data-Driven Marketing

Conduct cost-effective fact-finding missions suitable for new services, startups, and product development to reveal potential opportunities.

Streamlined Content Development

Collect data quickly for the creation of materials for presentations, promotions, and campaigns.

Brand Tracking

Consistently track and assess brand equity, campaigns, and competitor performance to enhance marketing strategies with precision and timeliness.

Find the Best Survey for You

Advertising Research

Creative Testing, Campaign Evaluation, A/B Testing

Customer Experience Research

Pricing Research, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty

New Product Development Research

Pricing Research, Concept Testing, Market Segmentation

Brand Research

Brand Awareness, A/B Testing, Concept Testing

Academic Research

Student/Staff Experience, Competitive School Benchmarking

Website/Mobile Experience Evaluation

Usability Testing, Mobile App Review, Measure Digital Content

... We can help with lots more!

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  • ・Define a need
  • ・Quotation


  • ・Confirm Order
  • ・Payment

Data Collection

  • ・Distribute Survey to Respondents
  • ・Collect Responses

Pricing Example

Purpose: Brand awareness survey for a cosmetic brand
Methodology: Online survey
Target Group: Women between the ages of 30 and 45
Sample Size: 200
Number of Question: 15 questions
Pricing: *The price will be defined based on the survey country and survey criteria.
  • TaiwanUSD 580.00
  • SingaporeUSD 570.00
  • AustraliaUSD 570.00
  • MalaysiaUSD 330.00
  • IndonesiaUSD 300.00
  • PhilippinesUSD 300.00
  • VietnamnUSD 300.00


1-4 days: Quotation and Registration
1 day: Setup and Testing
2-4 days: Data Collection

You will need

  • The questionnaire, programmed and ready
  • The criteria for respondent selection (age, gender, region)
  • Number of samples for the survey
  • The project start and finish date

Extensive Profiling
with Authentic Consumers

We are the leading consumer panel provider in Japan and rank ninth in the world. Our vast network spans 16 markets across the APAC region, offering access to over 60 million real consumers. With our diverse profile attributes, you can easily pinpoint your ideal audience, whether you require niche or larger sample sizes.

Our Record


consumers across
16 APAC markets


partners on
our panel platform


profile attributes
for precise targeting


consumers' voices
collected annually

Find your unique survey responses easily, straight from our sources.

  • You can collect larger number of responses
  • We'll find a specific target for you
  • If you are a professional researcher, looking only for samples, we can provide the resources!