For the following social media accounts, GMO Research & AI will obey the basic rules of social media policy.

GMO Research & AI, Inc.

Social Media Policy Mission

GMO Research & AI is using social media as a valuable communication tool for business purposes. If our employees communicate inaccurate information we are aware that this will damage the reputation of the organization. To make sure that this does not happen from our employees, we will conduct our social media activities with full responsibility and the understanding that what is written has great influence.

Social Media Compliance of the Law

  1. Regarding information that is being sent to the public, we agree to stand by all laws and company rules.
  2. We take responsibility for the information sent to the public with full understanding of the characteristics of the information being sent out. It is our understanding that an unspecified number of users can view the content and there is social impact spread throughout the world and know what is written cannot be removed.
  3. We understand that what is said in social media has influence to GMO Internet Group, customers, and other involved parties and any negative media will be negative to all parties.
  4. We promise to handle personal information with care as a company that has a well followed privacy policy.

For those that use social media

Those comments that are made by GMO Research & AI employees are not necessarily reflected as comments represented by the company. For official information about the company, please visit our website:(
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