Key Feature

Cost-Efficient and
Regionally Integrated

We maintain direct control over our survey panellists, collaborating with API-connected regional business partners. Our exclusive focus on in-house operations, without involving third-party vendors, enables us to offer the most competitive pricing.

Large Network

Interacting with an extensive pool of over 60 million real-life consumers, our survey panel network is large in the Asia-Pacific region. This extensive reach ensures precise targeting options for niche markets.

Agile and

Leveraging our expansive network, clients benefit from a flexible sampling approach with swift turnaround times. Our unwavering commitment to quality control underlies the integrity of our high standards, and the overall health of our online research platform.

Profile Attributes

We deliver specific or hard-to-reach attributes to meet our clients' unique requirements.


Age / Gender / Residence / Ethnicity / Income / Education / Marital Status / Children


Occupation / Job Title / Type of Industry / Company Size / Role in Decision-Making


Owner of Cars / Body Type / Brand / Number of Cars at Home / Purchased Year of the Car


Devices / Game Categories / Frequency of Playing

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Health Care

Doctor / Nurse / Patient / Conditions Ever Experienced

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Cigarettes / Beverage & Alcohol / Pets / Home Appliances / Financial Assets / SNS / & more!

... There are lots more!

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Who are These Respondents and How Do We Manage Them?

At GMO Research & AI, we meticulously oversee panel quality, data quality, and information security to uphold our high professional standards and ensure the robustness of our online research platform. Our technology-driven quality control measures are in place to detect and eliminate survey fraud, bots, and unsuitable respondents, so we deliver impartial and representative data.

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Recruitment for Qualitative Research

For successful qualitative market research, reliable panellists form the foundation, both for online and offline methods. If you're in search of candidates for your qualitative research fieldwork, our recruitment survey service will assist you.

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