Explore the transformative phase of Japan's mobile gaming through a 2023 GMO Research survey. Dive into player behaviours, in-game spending trends, and the broader societal impact of gaming. Discover how the industry is evolving and perhaps what lies ahead.


How Mobile Gaming is Reshaping Consumer Behaviour in Japan: Unveiling Key Survey Insights


Reshaping gaming industry in Japan

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How Mobile Gaming is Reshaping Consumer Behaviour in Japan: Unveiling Key Survey Insights

The Japanese mobile gaming landscape is in a transformative phase, with consumer behaviours reflecting deeper trends and interests that go beyond mere entertainment. A May 2023 survey by GMO Research offers extensive insight into the behavioural dynamics of mobile gaming in Japan, shedding light on its influence.


The Emerging Trend: Consistent Play, Focused Engagement

The survey highlights a trend that is becoming the new normal in Japan—gamers lean towards regular play sessions, albeit shorter ones. Fitting comfortably into their bustling, post-pandemic lifestyles, most players prefer to keep their mobile gaming sessions under 30 minutes. Remarkably, this play pattern also has an intriguing connection with in-game spending habits. Frequent brief gaming sessions align with an increased inclination towards in-app purchases, revealing a promising avenue for in-game marketers.


Understanding the Premium Players: Insights into the Paying Gamers

Among the myriad players, a niche 26.17% stands out—the paying gamers. These are the players ready to invest financially in their digital pursuits. Predominantly males aged between 15–40, this group has a clear set of priorities. These players are drawn to outstanding graphics, compelling storylines, and immersive gameplay experiences. For game developers, such an understanding is invaluable, offering a tangible roadmap to effectively engage this particular segment.


The Role of Information: Digital Ads and Personal Networks

In our Information Age, where and how gamers acquire information significantly drives their gaming choices. The GMO Research survey illustrates the significance of online ads and the importance of recommendations from family and friends. Almost half of the paying gamers are influenced by online advertising, while an impressive 40% heed suggestions from their personal network. The underlying message for marketers? Digital marketing, coupled with genuine user-generated content, will be the game-changer.


Unpacking Preferences: The Popular Game Genres Among Players

Understanding player preferences is crucial, and the survey provides a clear picture of this. Paying gamers exhibit a discernible bias towards certain genres—Card RPG, Puzzle, Action RPG, and Shooting games top the list. For gaming studios, this clearly signposts where efforts should be concentrated to allure and retain these dedicated gamers.


Beyond Gaming: The Comprehensive Impact of Mobile Games

Mobile gaming in Japan extends beyond mere amusement. It influences social behaviours, personal relationships, as well as life and career decisions. A thorough understanding of these broader effects offers insights for educators, guardians, and business leaders to seamlessly integrate gaming into daily life, promoting both leisure as well as individual development.


A Glimpse Ahead: What's Next for Japanese Mobile Gaming?

As 2023 draws to a close, Japan's mobile gaming future looks promising, especially with the momentum driven by a younger audience. For developers, it's paramount to stay agile, drawing from findings like these presented by the survey and translating them into actionable plans.

In this transformative phase of mobile gaming in Japan, there is a mix of hurdles and opportunities on the path ahead. In light of a thorough understanding of these shifting trends, the sector stands on the brink of welcoming innovative advancements and significant growth.

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