GMO Research Announces Launch of

“Organic Sampling” API Connection Method



asia cloud panel.pngGMO Research, Inc., a leading name in Asian-focused online market research, today unveiled its new API connection method: Organic Sampling. Aimed at refining the survey targeting process, this method will revitalise the experience for both survey panellists and partners on its Asia Cloud Panel[1].

The Asia Cloud Panel, a vast repository of consumer insights spanning 16 countries, boasts a remarkable network of over 50 million[2] consumers. With the integration of Organic Sampling, the panel is poised to witness enhanced targeting accuracy, improved user satisfaction, and a significant uptick in valuable survey completion rates.


In-Depth Insight into Organic Sampling

Previously, the exclusive access to survey information was restricted to GMO Research. This limited the panel partners from precise targeting, resulting in a slew of challenges, such as high screen-outs, project delays, and dwindling completion rates.

Organic Sampling marks a transformative shift to address these challenges. It empowers panel partners with upfront access to critical survey details, such as demographics, average IR, point, and LOI.


Benefits of Organic Sampling

  •   Enhanced Survey Tracking: With all Cloud Panel members managed by unique IDs, retargeting becomes seamless, enhancing tracking capabilities.
  •   Boost Response Rates: Panel partners can meticulously select and alert eligible panellists based on specific conditions and prerequisites. This strategic approach intensifies engagement, leading to improved response rates.

  •   Cost-Efficiency in Data Management: Eliminating the need for panel partners to gather and relay members' personal information to GMO Research upfront ensures significant savings and streamlines processes.


A Leap in Quality Control

Beyond the introduction of Organic Sampling, GMO Research continues its unanimous pursuit of quality with the Ghost Completes prevention system. This sophisticated system identifies and filters "Ghost Completes" automatically. In our unwavering commitment to integrity, GMO Research employs meticulous survey data analysis and implements strategic "trap surveys” — a testament to their dedication in eliminating fraudulent activities and ensuring only genuine responses are gathered.

Organic Sampling is not just an API Connection Method; it is a reimagining of the survey experience. By bridging the information gap, GMO Research paves the way to the future where surveys are more relevant, panellists are more engaged, and the world of market research becomes more efficient.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact:

GMO Research, Inc.
Shinya Imanari 
Panel Innovation Department 

[1] A panel is a group of members, known as panellists, who have agreed to cooperate in surveys. Panel network is a system that enables panellists to participate in surveys on a regular basis and collect data over a long period of time.

[2] As of October 2023.