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GMO Research connects with 10th Partner
China Cloud Panel now reaches 3.5 million consumers


Tokyo, Japan – March 30, 2015 – Asia’s premier online panel provider GMO Research, Inc. has reached an agreement with their 10th partner to join the sampling platform China Cloud Panel. Since 2012, GMOR has been actively expanding sampling reach in mainland China.

The partners that are on the platform are dynamic in nature, ranging from research panel sites to mobile applications. The panel now has reach to a wide consumer database spread across the country. Targeting includes business professionals, car owners, home electronics owners, patients, and more.

GMOR has an original quality management process which includes a duplication procedure so that a member in multiple panels is not included twice in feasibility checks and sent the same survey. In addition, every year a quality measurement study is conducted on all the panels to check for response rates and panel quality.

Commenting on the milestone, GMO E-Lab General Manager Allen Chow said, “The China Cloud Panel has come a long way. We now work with clients both domestically in China and globally as a result of our quality management process and dynamic sample offering” GMO E-Lab is the China subsidiary of GMO Research.

GMO’s Asia Cloud Panel allows companies to research markets for strategic purposes. Shifting research services from offline to online allows corporations to conduct research quicker and more economically.

About GMO Research
GMO Research, Inc. (TSE:3695) is a one-stop research solution platform provider. Offering full-service capabilities spanning across all industries and powered by one of the largest panels in Asia, we make research easy through seamless bilingual communication and solutions that cater to our clients’ needs. In addition to the traditional qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we also offer a number of proprietary methodologies including Eye Tracking, Scanamind, Mobile Research, MROC, and more.

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