Beauty in Asia:

Attitude Toward Cosmetic Surgery


It has been quite awhile since South Korea has been known to be one of the most popular countries to have adopted plastic surgery in their life, but how is this trend giving effect  to the neighboring countries like China or Japan? Here is a quick look into comparing the difference in notion towards Cosmetic Surgery in China, Korea and Japan. 

Cosmetic Surgery survey results from China, Korea and Japan

 The number of people who underwent cosmetic procedures in Korea in the past was 26.7%, significantly higher than 12.8% in China and 4.3% in Japan. In terms of the people who are positively considering cosmetic procedures in the future were highest in China accounting 42.9%, followed by 30% in Korea, and 7.9% in Japan. It seems people in China are comparably favorable towards cosmetic surgery whereas in Japan, people are still going easy on it. This actually backs up what we see on the news recently for China

In terms of the influence of the motivation to undergo cosmetic procedures, “Family” topped in Korea while “Media” & “Friends” topped in China and Japan. This is not too persuasive in a statistic manner due to small numbers, but does give us an implication of a common high-school graduation gift in Korea