Mobile Payment Usage in Indonesia



GMO Research recently conducted an independent survey with regards to Mobile Payment in 6 APAC countries. We featured China and India as market leaders in APAC, and added Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines in attempt to reveal the difference in market penetration, main App usage, and consumer's sentiments towards Mobile Payment.

We are planning to launch the full results in a white paper in the beginning of 2019 but for now, we would like to share a little bit of a teaser for your interest. Here is a snippet of the results we found about mobile payments in Indonesia. Enjoy!

Mobile Payment Usage in Indonesia



  • Nearly 60% of the respondents do not use mobile payment regularly






  • 1 in 4 consumers still prefer cash
  • Preference for cash is the top barrier to mobile payment adoption, followed by security concerns and accessibility issues








  • Go-Pay is Indonesia’s most popular mobile payment app 







  • Paying a phone or internet bill is the most common use for mobile payment (51%)